Welcome to Carl Bennet AB

Carl Bennet AB (CBAB) was founded in 1989. The company is the main shareholder in the noted companies Getinge AB and Elanders AB, and owns 100% of Lifco AB.

In addition, operations are conducted through the subsidiaries and associated companies HealthInvest Partners AB, Dragesholm AB and Symbrio AB.

2012-12-31 Activities Turnover
Number of

Getinge AB Medical technology
24 248 13 617
Lifco AB Manufacturing and Wholesale
6 1847 3 083
Elanders AB
Graphic Industry 1 924
1 587
HealthInvest Partners AB Fund Management - Healthcare
17 4
Dragesholm AB Forestry 4 -
Symbrio AB Purchasing System 29 23

CBAB's role is to support the subsidiaries and associated companies with knowledge and funding, thus enabling the continued development within their respective mandates. We develop our businesses with long-term perspective.

The Group's turnover increased in 2012 to 8 141 msek. The operating profit increased to 1 164 msek and the result before tax increased to 1 082 msek. The average number of employees was 4 697.

Including associated companies, sales increased to 32 408 msek and the number of employees at year end was 19 756.

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